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Caravanning in the Tamar Valley

Are you planning a trip to Tasmania with your caravan? Great choice! This is one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the Tasmanian lifestyle, countryside and people.

Once you've arrived in Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania, the question often arises as to which direction to head first. Should you turn right and head to the northwest, or turn left and explore the north? Let's turn left and begin your adventure in the beautiful Tamar Valley. Even in the winter, this region offers plenty of clear, crisp, sunny days that will leave you breathless.

As you navigate the Franklin Highway, you'll be treated to an array of stunning views, from lush green farms to forests and even glimpses of the stunning Bass Strait. After a picturesque drive, you'll reach the charming town of Exeter. Be sure to stop for a coffee or indulge in a delicious treat from the bakery. Parking your caravan or turning around is easy, as there is plenty of space in front of the high school.

Before continuing on your journey, head to the visitor information centre in Exeter for a wealth of information on the region. And for your convenience, there's a dump point in nearby Beaconsfield.

So, turn left and head into the Tamar Valley for an unforgettable Tasmanian adventure. With your caravan as your trusty companion, you're sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose from this excellent array of caravan parks:

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While in the area, and with your caravan safely parked up, explore the following attractions:

Once the west side of the river has been enjoyed, hitch up your van and cross the Batman Bridge to the east, heading north to Low Head. Use the Low Head Tourist Park or East Beach Tourist Park as your base for this special part of the valley, with views through to Bass Strait.

The George Town Visitor Information Centre can provide lots of local tips (including the best freshly caught seafood at George Town Seafoods) and offers a dump point.

From here, continue east into a very caravan friendly part of Tasmanian and continue to enjoy the hidden gems of the region.

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Bakers Point Campground, Narawntapu National Park: by S.Group
Peco Wines, Jasper Da Seymour