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It's campfire food...but not as you know it!

As we venture out of the depths of Winter and into the bloomin' good times of Spring the days hint at barbecues and camping weather. Think of a campfire and we could be forgiven for conjuring up a vision of balmy nights eating warmed up baked beans as we stare into the flickering flames of what many describe as 'cavemans TV'. But this September Junction Arts Festival will turn the traditional campfire feast on its head with leading Tasmanian chefs collaborating each evening to provide an experiential menu that celebrates local produce. A sausage in bread fireside (so very girl guides) is replaced by a warm and hearty menu of whole cooked lamb, camp oven congee, and rump cap pizza cooked over open coals.

Lead chef Matt Adams (Timbre) is hoping to harness “[what] Junction is about - the coming together of different people, groups, mediums.” “Who doesn’t love a fire and food cooked over one?” he says. “We'll have campfire style offerings and the other chefs will introduce a new dish each day, with their own edge, it'll all overlap in a holistic way”.

There's no doubt attendees will be in their element with this feast - Chefs Massimo Mele (Grain of Silos), Johnny McCoy (Pachinko), Danielle Lefrancois (Hubert & Dan) and Peter Twitchett (Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant) will join Crossfire Kitchen fuelling the Festival from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon.

Massimo Mele

Food Director Grain Of the Silos Co- Creator Munch On Tasmania Tassie chef who’s come home from the big island with a renewed focus of championing local produce and the passionate people who produce it. Menu preview: Vintage beef rump cap pizza cooked over the fire, local greens and salsa verde

Johnny McCoy

Chef / Owner Pachinko Menu preview: Camp oven congee, charcoal grilled chooks & Tasmanian octopus with Japanese pickles, ferments and condiments.

Danielle Lefrancois

Owner Hubert & Dan Danielle Lefrancois left Tassie after school to learn how to cook really good food. Dan trained in French kitchens and returned to Melbourne's renowned Rockpool Bar and Grill with a true understanding of European cuisine and technique. Following Dan's arrival back in Tas, Hubert & Dan began in 2015. If you've ever enjoyed a Hubert & Dan platter, dinner party or wedding feast, you'd know Dan puts a fun spin on dining. She works closely with local growers to make the most of seasonal fare and never compromises on quality. Just try one of Dan's eclairs...While she sometimes misses the buzz of a big kitchen during service, Dan really loves cooking for family and mates at home and when she's not whipping up four-tiered cakes or banquets for 300, Dan's hanging with her two boys at the beach, gyming it up and enjoying a quiet g&t.

Peter Twitchett

Head Chef Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant Peter Twitchett recently came to Tasmania in early 2018 after visiting and discovered the rich and bountiful local produce and the lifestyle of the community. He now has chickens, extensive vegetable plots and fruit groves which is truly educating his young children on real food. Peter started over 20 years ago in Melbourne and has since travelled throughout Australia and North America cooking in large hotels, ski resorts and restaurants. It was in America that he developed a real passion for cooking with fire and smoke and a true love of the flavours and textures from the low and slow cooking method.

Junction Arts Festival
returns to the festival hub in Prince’s Square from the 4-8th of September with a collision of art + performance + music over four days and nights. Tickets are currently on sale to all events.