Lose yourself in untamed beauty and rugged landscapes

Create Your Own Adventure

These top picks have been selected to offer visitors an insight into the best experiences that our region has to offer. Add one recommendation to the Trip Planner, or experience them all... the adventure is yours to create.

Bridport Walking Track

Bridport's walking track is a breathtaking showcase of natural foreshore, beaches, wildflowers, forest and…

The Flinders Wharf

Produce. Experiences. Hospitality. Sustainability. Clinging to the north-east corner of Tasmania and…

Unique Charters

Fly to unique destinations in and around the North-east of Tasmania to enjoy amazing food, spectacular views…

Recommended Itineraries

The following itineraries have been designed to showcase the highlight reel for Tasmania's North - these are the curious experiences and Instagram worthy options deserving of your time and your must-do list (aka your Trip Planner).

A Seaside Excursion

1 Day Tour

As if you needed an excuse to head to the seaside but this itinerary is where East meets West, and where some of the best beaches in the region links in with vineyards and scenic walking and cycling trails.

Cruise the Coast Tour

1-2 Day Tour

Tasmania's beaches are rare gems - be sedated by the ability to stand at the corner of a coastline, look upon turquoise waters and white sand, and just be.

Island to Island Tour

3-Day Tour

A one of a kind unique experience is yours to create on Flinders Island. It's Australia's best kept secret where you can visit as a stranger, yet return home with lifelong friends.

More to Explore

With so much to see and do in our region, your decision will be which moments to create and how many memories to share.