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Board and Team

The people brewing a bespoke destination

A small team of dedicated and passionate people work at Visit Northern Tasmania, along with a skills-based board who deliver behind the scenes on their passion for the region.

We've each got our own speciality, so please feel free to contact us for a chat.

Visit Northern Tasmania Team

Tracey Mallett

Drishti Adhikari

Fiona Sturman

Lisa Tedeschi

Visit Northern Tasmania Board Members

Paul Seaman


Niel Mason


Nicole Sherriff

Public Officer

Sam Reid

Board Member

Shane O'Hare

Board Member

Dr Oscar Vorobjovas-Pinta

Board Member

Sarah Wells

Board Member

Donna Stanley


Linda Kelly

Board Member

Lucy Temple-Smith

Board Member

VNT Annual Report

Connect with the team

Tracey Mallett - CEO
Email: tracey@visitnorthtas.org.au
Mobile: 0419 133 755

Drishti Adhikari - Business & Operations Manager
Email: drishti@visitnorthtas.org.au
Mobile: 0416 296 030

Fiona Sturman - Partnership Marketing Manager
Email: fiona@visitnorthtas.org.au
Mobile: 0432 229 368

Rachel Boyd (commencing early August) - Industry Development Manager
Email: admin@visitnorthtas.org.au
Mobile: 0419 133 755

Lisa Tedeschi - Business Development Manager - Sport, Special Interest & Major Events
Email: lisa@visitnorthtas.org.au
Mobile: 0439 489 526