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Bar Stelo

In the winters of 2021 and 22 our Pop-up Speakeasy Oscura welcomed thirsty curious locals and visitors into a world that welcomed them. Freezing cheeks stung to the warmth of this hidden bar. Ears woke to the thrum of brass, swing and glasses clinking. Eyes widened to the flickering light of candles and lamp light.

The beating heart of the bar drew you in.

This spring, Friday October 21st. Bar Stelo opened for you. She is not hidden. For she is yours.

Hospitality is her soul, she knows what you need and gives you what you want.

Opening weekend welcomed curiously thirsty dapper folk by the droves. Now the doors are thrown open we leave it to you to lay the plans – we’ll shake the cocktails.

Bar Stelo is attentive, offering bar & table service by a team of experts that know how to have a good time.

See you at Stelo. Bookings encouraged.