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Casalinga Gourmet Meats

Casalinga is where you hear a story behind every flavour.

A traditional corner store butcher offering Tasmanian produce & flavours, but a place where you can learn of the craftsmanship behind creating smallgoods.

Authentic smoked products featuring Tasmanian herbs and spices, fresh cuts and gourmet meal prep completed for you.

Telling the authentic story of paddock-to-plate; applying the traditional European skillsets to the finest Tasmanian meats, herbs and spices.

From humble beginnings on the pastures of Flinders Island to the traditional butchery shop front in Launceston, Rob and his team share years of passion and obsession for Tasmanian produce.

You can select your favourite flavours to take along your journey - whether it be Wallaby Jerky for your hike, Bacon to cook up for breakfasts, or a selection of meats & cheese to enjoy observing a sunset.