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Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe

Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe in northeast Tasmania is a highly regarded art gallery and cafe. The Gallery was established in 2005. The gallery caters to the discerning art lover with regular exhibitions throughout the year. Great coffee and Belgian hot chocolate are a specialty of the cafe, serving healthy light lunches, and morning and afternoon tea.

You can visit the gallery and cafe which is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe is an architecturally designed colour bond and glass building featuring top Tasmanian contemporary and traditional art and craft. You can experience some of Tasmania's top artistic work whilst enjoying a light meal.

You have the opportunity to purchase artwork through the Collect Art Purchase Scheme which is an interest-free loan program and is available to Australian residents. You may buy sculpture, glasswork, ceramics, paintings, drawings, photography, furniture; any artwork by a Tasmanian living artist which retails between AUD1000 and AUD11500.

Scottsdale is about a one-hour drive from Launceston (63 kilometres).