Shene Estate & Distillery

Shene Estate & Distillery is located at Pontville just 15 minutes north of MONA. This iconic convict-forged property is home to the Hobart Polo Club, the Shene Estate Distillery (producing Poltergeist Gin and triple distilled Mackey Single Malt Whisky) and the Kernke Family.

Shene Estate & Distillery prides itself on being an historic site with modern ideas. Family members conduct tours by appointment sharing the property’s convict past, its links to the royal family, and what daily life is like living and working in a living museum. Our Distillery’s Road Side Stall is open every Sunday from 10am to 4pm for gin lover to drop in and taste our Poltergeist Gin.

Don't forget to book a tour online if you would like to take a private tour of the Estate and Distillery.