Stillwater Restaurant

Our food is fresh, grown locally by passionate producers who rely on the attributes of our natural environment. Our State regulations keep the modification out of our genetics, the artificial out of our hormones and the free in our ranging animals. We know grass-fed, antibiotic free, natural, happy animals make better meat....even if they aren’t ‘supersized’.

Our water is clean, sourced from Cape Grim on Tasmania’s North West Coast, home of the cleanest air on the planet. Our wines flow from around the state but being located in the Tamar Valley means Stillwater is a cornerstone for the local vignerons, hosting a list showcasing the local tipples.

Chef Craig Will uses this natural bounty to create his Contemporary Tasmanian Cuisine, a menu of indulgence from the nearby pastures and oceans. Even the site is recycled out of the historic Ritchie’s flour mill on the banks of the Tamar River giving a casual elegance to the ambience of this Launceston restaurant which glows with the warmth of the old timbers. Opened 2000 Stillwater is a multi-award winning dining experience.

Stillwater-open 7 days for breakfast and lunch, Tues-Sat for our indulgent evening menu and wine bar, reservations recommended.