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The Flinders Wharf

Our dream is to serve the islands amazing ingredients and produce, creating a positive experience that can be shared by both locals and visitors. The Flinders Wharf is a place where people can meet, have a drink, something delicious to eat, whilst enjoying the sunset by the water.

Our menu strives to showcase the very best island produce including beef, wallaby, produce and seafood. We’re not fancy. We are a no fuss community of passionate farmers and growers. We offer a down-to earth dining experience where we celebrate our beautiful island produce that is raw, pure and untouched - the way food was grown before mass production and chemical interference.

Our plan for 2022-23 is to serve a bar and shared dining menu, coffee, pies and a selection of daily baked goods, Larder filled with local produce, kitchen staples, take-home meals and takeaway beverages and a retail store.