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25th Symposium of Australian Gastronomy

The Australian Gastronomy Symposium stands as a pinnacle event for scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts of culinary arts nationwide. Originating in 1984, this biennial gathering is set to unfold once again from July 5th to 8th, 2024, in Launceston, Northern Tasmania.

Themed "ISLAND: Gastronomic Possibilities from the Undercurrents" the 25th iteration promises a deep dive into the culinary landscapes shaped by island life.

The Symposium has a national reputation as a source of rich conversation, research, and purposeful connection to the food systems and cultures through understandings of history, production, education, and science.

The lineup features five distinguished keynote speakers, including Jamie Loveday of Foodlab Sydney, Robert Oliver, celebrated chef and presenter from New Zealand, Leo Vusilai, prominent chef and presenter from Vanuatu, along with esteemed academics Prof. Emma Lee and Prof. Alana Mann, both leading academics in their disciplines.

The symposium will be hosted at the University of Tasmania's Inveresk campus, featuring a program that includes a welcome reception at Design Tasmania, a visit to Harvest Farmers Market, dinner at Du Cane Brewery, and a feature banquet at Grain of the Silos.