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Carving a Huon Pine wombat: workshop with Carol Russell

Join Tasmanian woodcarver Carol Russell, featured in QVMAG's Making Space exhibition at the Art Gallery at Royal Park, for a full day workshop to carve a wombat out of Huon Pine.

You'll be using only hand tools and finishing techniques that draw out the inherent characteristics of the subject. ​

The emphasis is less on anatomical correctness and more on those little aspects that make animals so endearing to us. The tilt of a head, the position of the ears, the way light falls on their features.​

Content covered within session:​

* Timber and tool selection​

* Design​

* Safety​

* Creating a blank​

* Carving techniques ​

* Finishing – sanding, texturing, and painting​

* Tool maintenance and sharpening​

Register by 15 January 2024 to take advantage of early-bird registration fees.

About the artist

Carol Russell is a self-taught woodworker who has been making pieces for most of her adult life. The Australian Wood Review has published several of her articles on tools and woodworking techniques. She works full-time teaching and creating unique pieces of tableware from Australia’s forest timbers.

Image: Carol Russell