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Death of A Salesman

“The brighter the flame, the larger the shadow.”

Arthur Miller’s 1949 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Death Of a Salesman, considered as Miller’s Magnum Opus, is a classic of modern American drama. Known for being a searing portrait of the physical, emotional, and psychological costs of the American Dream, The Lomans, Willy, Linda, Biff & Happy are a family that is torn apart because of Willy’s desperate obsession with greatness and social acceptance. While his two sons cast about aimlessly in life, Willy begins to unravel as the reality of his life begins to threaten his illusions. The play challenges the idea of success, of individuality and of love and asks us what is the real “Great American Dream.”

DARE Collective, led by Matt Taylor, brings this classic work to Launceston with a dynamic blend between Cinema and Stage. With an adaptation that highlights the ingrained idea of fantasy and the deep-rooted fear of failure, establishing that however counter-intuitive it may seem, sometimes true happiness, contentment and ambition can be found after the moment when we observe, understand and embrace our failures.