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Women-only Photography Escapes by Shutterbug Walkabouts - Flinders Island

Embrace the pace of island time with your camera on Flinders Island. Indulge in quality time on an enriching nature and photography experience with Shutterbug Walkabouts.

Explore breathtaking Flinders Island and engage in a range of photographic activities in the company of like-minded female photo enthusiasts. Talented nature and wildlife photographer Coreena Vieth shares her approach to photography, giving you an opportunity to discover techniques to expand your personal photography practice.

This Escape is an enriching photography and travel experience for female photo-enthusiasts on the truly spectacular Flinders Island. Women-only Photography Escapes by Shutterbug Walkabouts are thoughtfully designed by Coreena Vieth, a talented and accomplished nature and wildlife photographer.

All-inclusive for a meaningful and hassle-free experience - and space for you to genuinely escape the busyness of daily life. Connect with nature, wildlife, other female photo enthusiasts and of course, your camera.

Develop your photography practice and increase confidence in your photography skills. Discover a different approach to photographing nature, wildlife, birds and landscapes. Indulge in a deluxe menu of meals, snacks, refreshments and beverages. Engage in all the planned photoshoots and activities, or treat yourself to a little time out too.

Photography may be the primary activity. However, you will enjoy an experiential blend of activities - photography, relaxation, and rejuvenation.