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Fermentation Activation: Sauerkraut Workshop

Join us for “Fermentation Activation” an immersive sauerkraut workshop presented by FermenTas and Harvest Launceston. Dive into the art and science of fermentation as we explore the transformative power of bacteria and learn to craft your own tangy, probiotic-rich sauerkraut.

Guided by expert fermenters, participants will discover the secrets behind successful fermentation, from selecting the freshest local produce to mastering the perfect blend of spices and salts.

Whether you’re a seasoned fermenter or a curious beginner, this hands-on workshop offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, share knowledge, and deepen your understanding of traditional food preservation techniques. Join us for a culinary adventure that celebrates the alchemy of fermentation and the bounty of Tasmania’s harvest.

Don’t miss your chance to activate your taste buds and revolutionise your pantry!

Presented by FermenTasmania & Harvest Market Launceston