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Junction Arts Festival

Junction is an intimate festival of extraordinary experiences in unusual places, marking the start of spring each year. The burst into Spring is when light and dark engage in their frosty tango. Junction celebrates this dance of opposites, where the absence of light accentuates its brilliance. Just as the festival's nocturnal performances and venues burst with the vibrant colors of spring, the darkness creates the perfect canvas to appreciate the beauty and significance of light. It's a chance to reflect on life's dualities and uncover the magic that lies where they intersect.

Celebrating the incredible talent of Tasmanian artists, Junction is a festival in which contemporary art and music break out of theatres and galleries into the streets, public spaces and extraordinary buildings that make Launceston so unique.

Discover and participate in exciting art and music experiences that you’ll never forget. Discover art installations, theatre, music and dance in unique spaces throughout the city. Explore the extraordinary architecture of Launceston, feast on lavish Tassie food and taste the finest spirits, wine and local brews.

Junction takes place 20-24th of September in 2023.