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Mudbar Sparkling Wine Event with Jansz Tasmania

Meet the fabulously talented winemaker Jennifer Doyle from Jansz in our next Mudbar Meet the Maker Sparkling Wine Series. Gain rare insight into Jansz Tasmania's variety of sparklings and stories behind their methods, wines, and vines all from the wine maker’s lips. Indulge in our selection of Mudbar’s lovingly crafted food and talk wine with our select group of wine enthusiasts. Discover the secrets behind their range of expertly crafted sparklings.

Jansz Tasmania’s method of creating sparkling wines isn’t just a process. Jennifer Doyle, Jansz Tasmania’s winemaker, and vigneron, walks us through Méthode Tasmanoise and how Jansz captures the essence of Tasmania in every delicious drop you savour. Sustainability and treading lightly on the local environment is close to Jennifer’s heart, she is a previous ‘Viticulturist of the Year’ award winner at the Australian Women in Wine Awards.