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Pride Month 2024: Progressive Wearable Art project

Progressive Wearable Art: A Diva Gown, Diverse and Drop-dead gorgeous.

In celebration of Pride Month, join Ralf Haertel, Enya Arsenal and Interweave Arts to create a fabulous wearable art piece, set to debut at the 2024 REMADE Sustainable Art Gala.

Join in a workshop (or many!) to collaborate in crafting a wearable art piece like no other. Working in collaboration, we will create a Diva gown of upcycled and recycled materials.

To create this wonderous piece, we have four workshops led by Interweave Arts artists Ralf Haertel and Enya Arsenal. Participants will contribute their own textile-based triangular artworks, using a range of different techniques.

These will be followed by two drop-in sessions to assemble the piece, a whimsical Queer tapestry: a Diva gown, fit for a gala and a representation of our unique stories and perspectives of being queer and being here.

The gown will make its stunning debut at the 2024 REMADE Sustainable Art Gala at Government House on 28 June 2024, worn by Enya Arsenal.