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Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze

Rupertswood Farm Crop Maze is one of the largest crop mazes in Australia.

Each year from March to April, Anna and Rowan Clark transform five hectares of their family farm into a new maze, attracting over 10,000 visitors.

The Maze features a different theme each year and provides two mazes to explore - a mini maze and the much larger main maze. As well as navigating through both mazes, those looking for an extra challenge can look for hidden clues. Find all the clues - and the exit - to crack the secret code!

In addition to the Maze, there are other farm attractions in the maze courtyard for families to enjoy, such as hay bale structures for children to climb and fresh vegetables to pick from the garden.

A wonderful day out for families and friends, the Crop Maze gives visitors a chance to enjoy quality time on a Tasmanian family farm.

The Maze is open to the public to explore for a limited time before the crop is harvested, booking in advance is recommended.