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Songs of the Sea

Van Diemen's Band presents Songs of the Sea, featuring MikelangeloOceans are vast, deep and mysterious. They sustain us, swallow us whole and transport cultures over vast distances. Floating on the ocean’s turbulent swell are grand, lyrical narratives, stories, myths and songs.

Steering the audience through Songs of the Sea is Mikelangelo (Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen) – a raconteur, salt-crusted storyteller and bittersweet bard. In his deep baritone, Mikelangelo explores the heart’s stormy reaches and indulges in absurd overboard shanties.

Joining Mikelangelo are Van Diemen’s Fiddles; and the internationally renowned folk artists Luke Plumb and Dave McNamara on mandolin and accordion. Together they draw on maritime folk music styles, experimental and classical composition to evoke in song the salty smack of open water.

Songs of the Sea is part of the Theatre North 2024 Season program.