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Tasmania x Milano, a Festa event

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a chef who has their hands on some incredible produce. It could be a beet pulled fresh from the soil, the perfect green leaves or that perfectly marbled cut of beef... You can see it in their faces and on the plate. You can taste it; the utter joy of creative perfection.

Tasmania x Milano is a celebration of the shared joy in simplicity. Of coming in from the cold to meals tended with care and fresh produce that blooms in the crisp air and frosted ground.

Of course, it's not only food that thrives in this landscape. While in winter our vines are dormant, the magic is happening in cool barrel halls and cellars. Carefully crafted wines are maturing, developing complexity and depth, begging for the right occasion to be shared with fabulous company.

Join Executive Chef Nick Raitt and Chief Winemaker Ockie Myburgh for this celebration of winter with 5 courses of proudly Tasmanian fare, inspired by the earthy beauty of Milanese fare, paired with Josef Chromy wines from our current release and the museum.

Gather your friends and family to book a table now. Tasmania x Milano is one of two Festa events at Josef Chromy in 2024. Ticket packages including Festa Tartufo on August 2 are also available.