Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival - Launceston

The Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival, held in both Launceston (16-19 May) and Hobart (10-12 May 2019) brings great stories and people together. The curators have searched the world for stories that intrigue, inspire and invite conversation.

BOFA is about ideas and change, screening films that question today ’s world and how we, its citizens, choose to live in it.

BOFA is about community. A Day on the Kingsway and the inspiring Action Sessions bring the community together to eat, drink, talk and enjoy. BOFA is about personal challenge. We’ve gathered stories of the ways we test ourselves in life, in love and in the wild.

BOFA is serious about having fun. Join us at the Village Cinemas, in the heart of Hobart AND Launceston. The red carpet will be laid out, partake in parties every night and movies screened in comfortable theatres with the highest quality projection.