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Past the Post racing exhibition

The Past the Post racing exhibition is a collection of stories and memorabilia relating to the horse racing history of the Meander Valley. Over many years, racing at Deloraine has witnessed heroics, greatness, humour and tragedy. Come along to the exhibition and learn about this fascinating era.

This exhibition seeks to celebrate the people and the horses whose legacy has helped shape our community. In a new world where cattle roam freely over the high country, rivers radiate across the landscape and early settlers travel, hunt and carve out an existence on the plains – the horse was king. It was inevitable that the stockmen and drovers would want to compete against each other.

It began as an informal challenge, a race between 2 towns for bragging rights as to the best horse and rider. Before long the ‘sport’ evolved into a more structured race with primitive courses and townsfolk wagering on the outcome. Whether you know nothing of Deloraine’s racing history or you have decades of memories, this exhibition invites you to connect with both its long and more recent past.