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from Jens Altheimer

School Holiday Play Date

Performed by the imaginative mind of clown, tinkerer, inventor and comedian Jens Altheimer, Whalebone will inspire everyone who loves stories, surprises and wonders as well as the minds of young aspiring inventors.

Set within a place called the ‘Depository’, Whalebone follows a solitary worker as he tries to safeguard human stories, memories and emotions in a data-driven world where AI and machines are going rogue, and making more and more decisions for us.

Featuring dazzling video and computer animations, flying objects and a pinch of circus, this richly visual theatrical experience takes kids and adults alike on a roller-coaster ride filled with eccentric contraptions, strange machinery and clunky inventions, including the world’s first half-human juggling machine!

Whalebone is part of the Theatre North 2024 Season program