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A Journey Through Time Tour

1-2 Day Tour

If heritage is your passion this day or so are sure to be the high point of your trip. Capture the essence of our history through visits to national trust mansions, colonial villages, and working historic farms.

A Seaside Excursion

1 Day Tour

As if you needed an excuse to head to the seaside! This itinerary is where East meets West and where some of the best beaches in the region are shared with nearby vineyards, and scenic walking and cycling trails.

An Explorer's Expedition

1-2 Day Tour

Discover how Van Diemens Land came to be, dip your toe in the unspoiled coastline at a classified historic town and explore a little more about our maritime history.

Cliffs And Caves Adventure

1- Day Tour

You will feel anything but hollow after walks to cliff faces and waterfalls followed by a visit to the renowned Mole Creek caves.

Cruise the Coast Tour

1-2 Day Tour

Tasmania's beaches are rare gems inviting you to imagine yourself standing at the corner of a coastline, looking upon turquoise waters and white sand, time to just be.

Down Hill Adrenalin Fix

1-Day Tour

Head to George Town and shred some trails! With 70km of riding over two trail networks, George Town Mountain Bike Trails complete the North-East Tasmanian mountain biking narrative. Located only 40 minutes from Launceston, George Town is the perfect first-stop on your mountain biking adventure.

Feel the Flow Tour

3-Day Tour

Feel alive like never before with a legendary multi day visit to Blue Derby's Mountain Bike Trail network.

Footy Getaway

2 -Day Tour

Take in this recommended list of top things to see and do (aside from being at the game, of course!)

Gastronomy, culture & nature in Launceston

Launceston has been named a UNSECO City of Gastronomy and upon arrival you’ll quickly understand why. Creating and sharing great food and drink is a core part of Northern Tasmanian culture. Take a day to wander around the city, experience food, culture and a little adventure.

Gourmet Trail To The Tiers

1- Day Tour

A feast for the senses - walk in World Heritage Areas, dine on local Tasmanian fare, walk in World Heritage Areas, repeat.

Island to Island Tour

3-Day Tour

A one of a kind unique experience is yours to create on Flinders Island. It's Australia's best kept secret where you can visit as a stranger, yet return home with lifelong friends.

Rags to Riches Tour

Half-day tour

If you are limited to a half day and keen to soak up our heritage past, this is how we recommend you spend it. Relax in parkland settings, appreciate fine architecture and walk a mile in the shoes of those who've gone before us.