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Wines, Vines & Mines

  • An island within an island we hear you say! Ease into the day by visiting Tamar Valley Wetlands Reserve and get your blood flowing with a 1.5km walk out to the historic island whilst spotting the many species of wildlife along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for wreckages past, or for a platypus, which may appear it's head at any given moment.
  • A heads up - have a light breakfast as a decadent brunch at Timbre Restaurant located within Velo Wines is a treat on any given day. By using produce from the source and creativity in the way it is crafted you are sure to be impressed with the Valley from the get-go.
  • Take a coffee for the road and continue on, pulling over to stop for a moment at Brady's Lookout to take in a historic view over the Tamar River.
  • Weave and wind your way along the riverside taking in the scenery and quaint villages along the way. Toot your horn as you enter Marion's Vineyard and be wowed by the impressive outlook. If not already at Velo Wines, your first tasting of what all the fuss is about, begins now.


  • Holm Oak Vineyard will have you feeling as though as soon as you enter you have arrived to visit friends. With a casual and relaxed vibe the vineyard offers tastings, as well as the opportunity to feed the resident pig, aptly named Pinot d'Pig. Create your own picnic or platter from the selection of local produce to enjoy, or to take it with you for the ride home.
  • Perfectly paired to Tamar Valley Wines is a cheese and local produce platter at Goaty Hill wines will hit the spot. Kick back, relax and appreciate the marvellous craft of cool-climate wine making as you sip on a Pinot at the cellar door. Oh, and there are no goats here if you were wondering.
  • Next up, pause on the wine-tasting for a moment as we enter Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre, a historic museum filled with interactive and tangible assets where you can truly get a feel for life as it was.


  • Located on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood style camping awaits at Wington's. Retreat to a glamping experience purpose built to embed you into the Tamar Valley way of life. There's no roughing it here as Persian carpets, linen made from Egyptian cotton, and queen beds reign over blow up camping mats, sleeping bags and tarpaulins. Lap up the luxury and the sounds of the wilderness as you unfold the tales of the day.