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Mountain Biking

Brace yourself for world-class trails and epic adventures

Recommended Itineraries

The following itineraries have been designed to offer visitors an insight into the best experiences that our region has to offer. Add one recommendation to the Trip Planner, or experience them all... the adventure is yours to create.

Trail Taster Tour

1-Day Tour

Explore dedicated mountain bike trails perfect for the beginner and for those who are up for an adventure. You are in for a treat!

Shred Derby Tour

1- Day Tour

Travel cross country and discover for yourself the trails the everyone is talking about.

Down Hill Adrenalin Fix

1-Day Tour

Head to George Town and shred some trails! With 70km of riding over two trail networks, George Town Mountain Bike Trails complete the North-East Tasmanian mountain biking narrative. Located only 40 minutes from Launceston, George Town is the perfect first-stop on your mountain biking adventure.

More to Explore

With so much to see and do in our region, your decision will be which moments to create and how many memories to share.