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Explore five unique locations in the region, including Brickendon Farm Village, Woolmers Estate, Clarendon Estate, Clarendon Arms Hotel, and Patterdale House.

Experience Reassign by using the Reassign web app and delve into the stories that lie behind each of these unique locations.

Learn more about Aboriginal, colonial, and agricultural history through an innovative range of digital activations. Explore captivating podcasts, videos, music, and augmented reality that breathe life into these stories, presenting them in dynamic and unexpected ways.

Scan the QR codes provided at each location to access the app, and take your time exploring.
The friendly staff at each site will assist you in finding your way to start your Reassign experience.

Stay for several days so you can enjoy the region's rich history, the many cafes, restaurants, and boutique accommodation options.

Brickendon Estate

Once you've entered Brickendon, tune into the podcast 'Convict Rations' and listen while you take in the surrounds.

While exploring the site, take a walk and look for QR codes along the way to uncover the Convict Quarters. Use your phone to view a 3D model. Be sure to keep a lookout for the Smoke House & Oven and immerse yourself in the on-site augmented reality (AR) content. Find the QR Code to watch video AR of William Bracer, The Blacksmith.

: Utilise the map in the "Brickendon from the Sky" feature to locate the buildings scattered across the site.

Woolmers Estate

Tip: Tune into the podcast 'The Black Groom' on the way to Woolmers Estate.

First, make a stop at The Eleanor, the delightful onsite restaurant, to energise yourself before embarking on your exploration of Woolmers Estate. As you relax with a coffee or lunch take some time to learn about the assignees. You can find a list of their names and details through the Reassign app.

Take a walk through the Woolmers Rose Garden and make your way to Woolmers House. While exploring the site, look for QR codes along the way to uncover the video AR to hear from John Marshall; The Shepherd and Thomas Archer.

Use your phone to view a 3D model of the site. Be sure to keep a lookout for the Inside Out QR Code to view what Mrs Archer's Drawing Room looked like. And the Macquarie River Viewpoint for more information about the region.

Tip: Utilise the map in the "Woolmers from the Sky" feature to locate the buildings scattered across the site.

Don't forget to take a moment to visit the Nigel Peck Centre Galleries.

Clarendon Arms

Take a break to have a drink or grab at a bite to eat while also expanding your knowledge of the convict history by watching the short videos on the Reassign app. Clarendon Arms evokes feelings of a good old English Gastropub, using locally sourced ingredients, served up in a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the drive to your accommodation, tune into the podcast 'A Convicts Tour of Hell'.

Clarendon Estate

Clarendon House offers a wealth of exploration and education opportunities. With its impressive Georgian architecture and rich history, it is an impressive sight to see. The Reassign experience is spread throughout the house and showcases video augmented reality (AR) of the "Master's Voice" and "Mary Callan: The Housemaid." Learn about resistance and survival through video and listen to a podcast to learn more about the lingering ghosts in the house.

Patterdale and Glover Country

Tours of the restored house and studio which john Glover built at Patterdale are available monthly or by arrangement for tour groups.

Patterdale, now part of the combined Patterdale and Nile Estate, was the home of famous landscape painter John Glover for most of his late life, and where he made some of his most celebrated paintings. Here is his restored home and art studio, and the beautiful land he painted so faithfully. There are many views recognisable from his paintings; the landscape hasn’t changed in the nearly two hundred years since Glover first arrived. Wander the property alone, or get a tour, and discover the beauty of Glover Country.


Please be aware that the opening hours differ for each site. To view the specific opening days and times for each location, click here.

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