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Allports Beach Picnic Area

Just before you hit Allports Beach, you'll find a day-use area complete with a gas BBQ, shaded picnic tables, and restroom facilities. The barbecue gas is generously provided by Parks and Wildlife, and although the BBQ is free to use, donations are welcomed. Handwashing is possible thanks to dual rainwater tanks; however, it's recommended that you bring your own potable water.

The beach itself stretches 150 metres, curving gently to the north and featuring a relatively steep reflective shoreline. It's framed by granite points adorned with dunes, while the eastern edge boasts boulder outcroppings. Seagrass meadows flourish about 100 meters from the shore. A convenient road leads down to the amenities at the beach's eastern tip, where you'll find a parking lot, picnic space, and more toilets. As Emita's primary swimming spot, the beach is child-friendly and offers excellent snorkeling opportunities near the rocky areas. Dogs are also welcome.

Situated approximately 100 metres from Allports Beach is a campsite with a few picnic tables and ample room for several campers. Short-term camping is permitted and there's no need for reservations—spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.