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dAda mUse

dAda mUse is an art gallery that celebrates dadaism and surrealism, housing Australia's largest collection of Salvador Dali works on paper.

All but 100 of his known pieces are displayed here, some for the first time ever publicly... While artworks from other artists will be shown periodically at dAda mUse (to the likes of Goya, Durix and Kujau) it is the Salvador Dalí collection that is exceptional. Both Dadaism and Surrealism used shock, the juxtaposition of everyday objects, and humour to create abstract imagery with Dalí putting this to the test.

dAda mUse has two floors, the bottom of which is open for free, with donations encouraged; while the upper floor is ticketed for guided or self-guided tours of the rarer works. The display will be rotated every three months.

In addition to the incredible display of art, the dAda mUse building is one of Launceston’s most historically noteworthy buildings. The 1842 Johnstone and Wilmot building has been carefully renovated to retain historical features whilst accommodating to the gallery.