Free Walking Tours Launceston

As one of the oldest cities in Australia, Launceston provides some interesting insights into Australian history and way of life and has infused this into the modern day city it has become today. While arguably not as popular as Hobart, Launceston should not be missed in any Tasmanian itinerary.

Don’t think Launceston has a lot to offer? Explore the city through the eyes of a local and discover Launceston's settlement history, its quirky stories, how you can spend days exploring the area and what makes Launceston, well Launceston.

We offer a “pay what you think it’s worth - Gratuity” model so people of any budget are able to turn up and enjoy the tour and discover and learn about our great city. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for the service before you have experienced it, we think you should decide how much the tour is worth when the tour is finished.