Hot Air Balloon Tasmania

Passengers of Hot air balloon Tasmania's enjoy a morning flight over the beautiful Tamar and Meander Valley's close by the City of Launceston in Northern Tasmania.

Our meeting point 1 hour prior to Sunrise is the Country Club Tasmania a short drove from Launceston's town centre.

We then choose a launch location depending on the wind speed and direction.

Passengers can watch as the balloon comes to life as we use fans to cold inflate and then the burners are fired up to heat and raise the balloon, a gentle lift-off and then into the skies, floating with the breeze until it's time to land. Flights time is approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

Our GoPro mounted outside the balloon will take panoramic photos of you drifting over the landscape, adding to your own photos you take on the morning.

On landing the retrieve vehicles greet you, deflate the balloon, everyone helps to pack away to get back to Launceston for a big well-earned breakfast.

All photos are available online and are included in our all-inclusive package.