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Killiecrankie Picnic Area

The Killiecrankie foreshore is equipped with a complimentary gas BBQ, available for day use only, and a parking lot that holds up to 30 cars. Great for group outings, the area also features picnic tables, tankwater, and public restroom.

Situated at the southern edge of the bay, Killiecrankie Beach marks the end of Killiecrankie Road. A quaint settlement can be found on the lower slopes behind the beach's western section. Starting near low granite rocks and the sheltered area around Nobby Rock, the beach stretches eastward for 800 meters until it reaches the mouth of Killiecrankie Creek. This low-gradient, white sand beach faces north across the bay.

Wave conditions are typically calm in the western corner and the beach is characterised by a low-gradient reflective surface that extends to a low-tide terrace, with rock reefs and seagrass beds situated about 100 meters offshore. The western end of the beach serves as a launch area for small boats, and you'll often see several fishing boats moored nearby.

If you're interested in camping, a privately-run campsite is located a short distance from the beach. For reservations, you can contact Jude at 03 6359 8464.