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Launceston Planetarium

Gaze in wonder at the stars and learn about space at the Launceston Planetarium at Inveresk.

Explore the universe from your seat at the Planetarium. The facility offers a great environment where viewers can learn about the night sky and astronomy - and much more!

With a range of films that are regularly updated, the Planetarium is an important and inspirational educational way to get people, especially young people, excited and involved in science.

The facility is located within the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk, and is one of the few in Australia which are regularly open to the public.

Each film is displayed on the Planetarium's 8-metre-diameter dome, providing an immersive experience from the comfort of cinema-style seats. The Planetarium uses a Zeiss ZKP3 star projector with a full-dome digital system.

Each show is followed by a live tour of the current night sky. The projector is capable of displaying the stars visible to the unaided eye from anywhere in the world and simulates the apparent motion of the stars as the Earth rotates. The effect is so realistic, it is like being out under the stars!

The Launceston Planetarium is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week, and Mondays during school holidays.

The Planetarium is closed on public holidays.