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Madeline Gordon Gallery

Madeline Gordon Gallery represents a convergence of passion and expression. Where creators and appreciators alike come together to challenge the traditional. Be it the limits of your imagination or the threshold of your potential.

All are welcome to revel in the freedom of contemporary art. To be surprised by what excites you, and intrigued by what doesn’t. Because Madeline Gordon Gallery is an invitation; to feel, defy, explore, connect, revere, and most importantly – to get lost in the wonderful work of our artists.

On our walls and our website, you’ll find the works of creators both celebrated and emerging. While we may be a gallery, we are first and foremost a community. A place that unites and celebrates art in all forms, from all perspectives. And where every visitor brings their own interpretation.

Madeline Gordon Gallery is an open door to the art world. I look forward to welcoming you in,