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Salute Tours Australia

Salute Tours primarily focuses on events that were happening on the homefront during the two world wars such as, where the soldiers worked before they enlisted and what they did when they returned home. What the local community did in response to the war and how it changed their lives.

Tour members will view the following buildings and locations in Launceston: Post Office, Town Hall, Military Hospital, Red Cross Office, Commercial Bank of Tasmania, Anzac Memorial Hostel, Examiner Newspaper, Daily Telegraph Newspaper, National Theatre, Commercial Travelers Club, Kings Hall, O.A.S Office, Brisbane Hotel.

With the Launceston Salute although a great distance from Europe, the people of Launceston worked tirelessly to support their local boys serving the British Empire during WW1 (1914-1918). This guided walking tour showcases the people and organisations that strove to make a difference, as well as the positive steps various servicemen took when assimilating back into civilian life.