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Splash Golf Grindelwald

Splash Golf is a family experience sure to leave everyone with a smile! Explore the stunning scenery of Grindelwald and enjoy this brand new tourism attraction in the Tamar Valley!

Splash Golf can be explained easily, customers using specially designed golf clubs and balls tee off from our lake’s bank. The goal is to have their golf ball pass through a target and into a net situated on our lake. Each target corresponds with a prize that can be won.

The Tamar Valley Resort is located in the Swiss-style village of Grindelwald, Northern Tasmania.

The village of Grindelwald was established in the 1980s as a unique residential development. All houses in Grindelwald have been built in Swiss style, with wide eaves, flower boxes, window shutters and balconies. The settlement is fringed with glassy lakes and views of the Tamar Valley.

Grindelwald is a 15-minute drive north of Launceston (15 kilometres) in the Tamar Valley.