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Strzelecki National Park

Mount Strzelecki is the highest point on Flinders Island and the namesake of this national park. The mountain’s distinctive peaks are even visible from mainland Tasmania. Visitors to Strzelecki National Park can take their pick of stunning beaches, turquoise waters and crisp white sand. Without the press of busier locations, you can take your time to explore the lichen-covered granite rock formations the encircle these quiet beaches.

Swimming, snorkelling, fishing and kayaking are great ways to experience the coastal highlights of this striking national park on Flinders Island. There are also several walks that take you across the landscape, including an ascent across the majestic granite rocks to the summit of Mount Strzelecki. This climb will reward you with 360 degree views of this remote archipelago in Bass Strait.

Please visit the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania website (parks.tas.gov.au) for further information about this national park including how to get there and things to do. Refer to the ‘know before you go’ webpage for more important information about alerts, safety in parks and entry fees.