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The Patriarch Wildlife Sanctuary

The Patriarch Wildlife Sanctuary is located on Lees Road in Lackrana, on the east coast of Flinders Island. Situated between Middle and South Patriarch, it is run by a trust and maintained by volunteers and offers visitors the opportunity to observe the diverse wildlife close-up.

The A-frame building has bunk beds and a shaded free gas barbecue area making it ideal for a picnic or camping location, however, bring your own drinking water and firewood. The sanctuary is a habitat for abundant wildlife and birdlife including wombats, wallabies and Cape Barren Geese (donations are appreciated)

Patriarch Sanctuary offers up-close day time opportunities to see and photograph native animals. You can watch wallabies by the dozen as they come out to feed as they roam free but are tame enough to eat right out of your palm.

The Patriarchs are three granite mountains on the mid-east coast of Flinders Island. They stand out like giants from the low, healthy plain. When Matthew Flinders first saw them, he delightedly called them the Three Patriarchs.