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Trevallyn Dam

Trevallyn Dam is within the Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area on the South Esk River, just outside of Launceston in Tasmania's north and is a great spot for picnics, trail walks and boating on the dam.

Visitors to the reserve can walk along the South Esk River gorge, see the Trevallyn Dam wall in flood and experience cable hang-gliding.

There's also an open grassy reserve that's home to resident wombats and ducks.

Enjoy short walks to lookouts or a longer walk from the gorge past the Trevallyn Power Station.

During summer, the water is ideal for swimming and the shores of Lake Trevallyn are used by the Launceston community for water skiing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Find a spot in the spacious undercover barbecue area to have lunch.

Trevallyn Dam is less than a 10-minute drive from Launceston's CBD.