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Trousers Point Picnic Area

Trousers Point stands out as one of Flinders Island's most picturesque beaches. Known for its stunning beauty, Trousers Point often leaves visitors awe-struck and emotional. The beach is a photographer's paradise, boasting some of the island's most captivating vistas. Its shallow entry and crystal-clear waters make it an ideal and safe spot for children.

As a component of the Strzelecki National Park, Trousers Point falls under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Wildlife Service. Before visiting, you'll need to acquire a Parks Pass from Service Tasmania or any of the local car rental agencies.

The reserve features a range of amenities including public toilets, picnic tables, BBQ, and changing sheds. Tank water is available, and there's also a sheltered area designated for camping.

As for the name "Trousers Point" its origins are a subject of local lore. One story claims it commemorates Richard Burgess's fortunate but trouser-less escape from a nearby shipwreck, the Sarah Ann Blanche. Another, less dramatic account suggests the name comes from a box of trousers discovered on the shore, washed up from the wreck of the Cambridgeshire in 1875.