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Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Located in one of the world’s most precious parks is one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Most Extraordinary Places To Stay. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is right on the edge of World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Accommodation overlooks a the serenity of the ancient forests, with the lodge offering elegant comforts, impeccable service and a taste of Tasmanian in its food and wine.
Cradle Mountain Lodge is a warm, retreat nestled high in the Tasmanian wilderness, a superb escape featuring cosy cabins, fine food and wine and many activities.

Cradle Mountain Lodge is a unique wilderness retreat on the edge of the World Heritage Listed Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair National Park. The awesome beauty of this region is an inspiration that will stay with you long after you leave.

Here you see the face of creation all around you in the mirror lakes and rugged mountain peaks. And you don't need to be an environmentalist to feel humble in the towering presence of a King Billy Pine - over 1,000 years old yet still a relative newcomer to these ancient forests.

This is a superb escape with breathtaking scenery, cosy cabins, magnificent meals and days filled with simple pleasures.

The Lodge itself has an ambience of warmth and security that welcomes you to every room. Perhaps its the glow of the open fires that keeps drawing you back or those quiet moments in the Guests Lounge, catching up on local lore and history. Then of course there's the temptation of the Highland Restaurant and its walk-in Wine Cellar. Or perhaps the mood calls for a less formal meal in the Tavern Bar, a great place to share your adventures with new friends.

Inside your cabin you'll immediately feel at home. The layout is generous, comfortable and more than a touch romantic.

And when the snow falls, as it can even in the summer months at Cradle, there's nothing cosier than being in your cabin. After dinner in the Lodge retreat to your cabin and perhaps share a glass of red wine in front of a fire.

One thing is certain, summer or winter, the beauty of Cradle Mountain is an inspiration that will stay with you long after you leave.

Please note that due to fire regulations are rooms can only take a specific amount of people

Please be aware of our MAX number of people per room or the booking will need to be cancelled.

Please be aware of our MAX number of people per room, or the booking will need to be cancelled.
Pencil Pine Cabins - Max 4 People
Contemporary Spa Cabin - Max 3 People
Traditional Spa Cabin - Max 2 People
Spa Suite - Max 3 People
King Billy Suite - Max 3 People.