A R Reflections River Cruises

As you cruise Arthur River upstream on board "M.V. Reflections" this lush greenery of Tasmania is reflected in the still tea-coloured waters. High above the river bank White-bellied Sea-eagles are perched in the trees with commanding views of the river.
An abundance of bird life can be heard and seen in this part of Tasmania. You can catch a glimpse of Azure Kingfishers with their distinct brilliant blue and orange colourings. Platypus can be sighted in their own habitat. On arrival at Warra Landing you disembark. Whilst in the peaceful surrounds of the Tasmanian rainforest you will enjoy lunch with Tasmanian cheeses, cake, complimentary wines, coffee or tea. After lunch, you will be taken on an informative guided walk on the elevated walkways enjoying the most intimate rainforest experience possible. The sheer beauty of this pristine enchanted forest in North West Tasmania overwhelms you as you are taken through Warra Creek Valley to Warra Falls. On the return voyage the White-bellied Sea-eagles become the stars of the show as they swoop with a certain grace to accept fresh fish offerings...


1 hour 15 minutes from Stanley Tasmania