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Mountain Biking Flinders Island

Mountain Biking Flinders Island are your personal tour guides, and go-to bike hire people. They use 10 speed TREK mountain bikes which are well maintained, easy to use and give riding confidence with fat tyres. Mountain Biking Flinders Island is a micro business, with a maximum of six people on tour, enabling them to give time and attention to each guest.

They are fourth and fifth generation island young women who know the island well and answer your island questions! With three tours to choose from, each offering something different. All of their rides are enjoyable, are in beautiful places and all promise a good day out. None of them are difficult or requires the high fitness level. Their trails are suitable for a wide variety of cycling abilities and do not surpass 16km in length.

Mountain Biking Flinders Island cooks all of their own food, including desserts. Their lunches are very popular, enjoyed in the most charming of places.