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Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Register your business or event with ATDW, the national platform for digital tourism marketing in Australia

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) provides valuable, free marketing for tourism and hospitality businesses and events throughout Tasmania. By creating a listing on ATDW, your business can be seen on up to 50 websites nationally and internationally, including Tourism Tasmania’s Discover Tasmania website ,Tourism Australia’s Australia.com and Visit Northern Tasmania.

Listings on ATDW will be included on the Discover Tasmania App which was launched in April 2023. You can learn more about ATDW here.

For more information or assistance with creating or updating your ATDW listing, please contact VNT's Industry Coordinator:

Renée Hardwicke
M: 0402 621 076

Changes are coming - let's be prepared!


ATDW is currently undergoing an exciting transformation which includes a new company name and brand, and most importantly a new world-class platform. As always, Visit Northern Tasmania will support operators during this change by providing information and assistance, there will be some fantastic new features on the new platform! Below are some useful tips on how to be ready so your business takes full advantage of this exciting upgrade.

  • Confirm you can log into the ATDW-Online platform and access your profile(s) and account details. Use the Forget Password if unsure, and it will send you an email.
  • Confirm your email address is correct. Emails will be validated in the new platform, so if it is not correct you may have issues logging in.
  • Check and update all email and contact information in your ATDW account. This will be where ATDW will send you information, updates, and notifications.
  • Review and update your profile(s) prior to transition. Disable any draft or inactive profiles.
  • Review the users associated with your account and delete any old staff or inactive users.
  • Update your password to stronger credentials. Minimum eight characters, must contain a letter, number, and symbol.

You can find further information about the upgrade here


Online User Guide - Accommodation Listing

Online User Guide - Attraction Listing

Online User Guide - Event Listing

Online User Guide - Food & Drink Listing

Online User Guide - Hire Listing

Online User Guide - Tour Listing

Online User Guide - Transport Listing

Online User Guide - Information Service Listing

Need some help to create your profile?

How to create an ATDW account

Creating an accommodation ATDW profile

Creating an attraction ATDW profile


Tips for optimising your ATDW listing