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Ashgrove Dairy Door & Visitor Centre

Experience the heart of Tasmania's premier cheese offerings at Ashgrove Dairy Door. This gem stands as Tasmania's top dairy delight, showcasing a revamped visitor centre that attracts dairy aficionados from all over.

Nestled conveniently between Launceston and Devonport, Ashgrove Dairy Door promises an immersive cheese journey. Guests can savour breakfast or lunch items from a rich pasture-to-plate menu, spotlighting deluxe cheese toasties, exquisite truffle fondue, the High Cheese experience, and a Cheesy Flight, perfect for those who prefer cheese over a brew. For younger guests, freshly crafted gelato awaits.

Dive deep into the cheese-making process, witness cheese craftsmen at work through transparent panels, and delve into the Ashgrove philosophy at the interpretation centre.

Outside, greet some of the world's most contented cows and revel in the pristine Tasmanian atmosphere. Before departure, visitors are encouraged to peruse a selection of award-winning dairy products, specialty cheeses, and other Tasmanian delicacies. These treats make the perfect souvenir or gift for fellow cheese enthusiasts.

Set amid Tasmania's breathtaking landscapes, Ashgrove Dairy Door remains an essential stop for every discerning traveller.

Open 7 days a week