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Dinki Brew Bar

When Dinki Brew Bar opened in 2019, our goal was to provide a unique service to people travelling the Midland highway. As lovers of a good brew, the business naturally expanded to include offering speciality coffee, alongside organic tea and locally made treats.

What started as a pretty humble entry into the world of hand-poured coffee, has grown into a real passion for learning, pouring and sharing our knowledge. We are proud to have some very unique, at times rare, single-origin coffee on offer. We regularly feature guest roasts from all over the world and have built a network of fantastic suppliers and roasters, who help us bring our customers top notch, ethical brews.

Our clientele are diverse and adventurous, from die-hard foodies to regular joes and hard-working local farmers, often all in our cosy shop at the same time! It’s important to us that our customers always feel welcome and included in the process, with many of our five-star reviews highlighting these pillars of our business.