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Capture the Aurora Australis and starry night sky at Ross

Book and stay at Riverview at Ross during the Tassie Off Season in a King, Queen, Twin or Family en-suite room for 1 or more nights and we will include a guide by local visual artist Scott Bennett on photographing the night sky

"Ross by Night" your local how-to -guide for capturing photos of the Night Sky and Aurora Australis in Ross, Tasmania. With tips on the best places to set up, apps to download and websites to visit plus instructions on using your phone and/or DSLR camera this guide is for all ages and experience.

Ross has many exciting features that make it an ideal place to try your hand at photographing the astro sky and aurora australis - it lies on the 42 parallel, has pristine air, low pollution and is rated "dark night sky "

2024 is shaping up to be a very active year for Aurora sightings and winter is the best time to view and shoot this exciting phenomenon with long dark winter nights and crisp, clear skies.

So come down to Tassie this winter and stay at the beautiful town or Ross, Tasmania - recently nominated for Top Tassie Tourist Town 2024 and experience the most amazing starry skies and potentially capture your own magical shot of the Southern Lights !