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Low Head Penguin Tours

The cover of darkness brings the fairy penguins out of the ocean abyss and back to the beach for bedtime in their burrows.
The scientific name of the Little Penguin (formerly known as Fairy Penguin or Blue Penguin) "Eudyptula minor" is most descriptive. Not only are these penguins the smallest of the species, but Eudyptula means "good little diver".
Low Head Penguin Tours offer penguin watching tours at Low Head in northern Tasmania. Operating at the mouth of the Tamar River, the tours offer a fascinating insight into the Little penguins (also known as Fairy penguins) making their nightly journey to their burrows. The tour is operated along environmentally sensitive lines to ensure the penguins are not disturbed. Learn about the Little penguins and how most retain the same mate for life. Tours run each night just after sunset. Pick-up from Launceston can be arranged for an additional fee.


50 minutes from Launceston Take the East Tamar Highway to George Town and follow the signs to Low Head. 40 Minutes Beauty Point